Toyota NZ and DOC partner for new Kiwi kids' conservation programme

The Department of Conservation and Toyota New Zealand have announced plans to work together to support a new conservation programme for Kiwi children.

Starting from early 2016, the two companies will roll out a five-year, motivational programme encouraging youngsters to reconnect with their natural environment, and get involved with nature in their gardens and local communities.

The initiative stems from studies which have shown that there are positive links between direct experiences with nature and children’s emotional and physical health and well-being, and Director-General of Conservation Lou Sanson believes that it’ll help to inspire a new generation of guardians for our environment.

“Inspiring Kiwi kids in this way is about future-proofing conservation in New Zealand,” Mr Sanson says. “Toyota is providing DOC with invaluable assistance to develop a programme that will appeal to New Zealand families, and their support will help us spread the message and get Kiwi kids and families actively engaged,” Mr Sanson said.

CEO of Toyota New Zealand Alistair Davis is equally as enthusiastic about the partnership.

“We are excited to be working with DOC on a project that is close to our hearts, helping to grow and support the best of Kiwi life.”

“Taking advantage of our stunning natural environment and enjoying the outdoors has been a central part of Kiwi lives for generations.”

“Like DOC, Toyota is passionate about putting the fun into conservation for Kiwi kids, and making it easy for families to have great experiences in the outdoors,” said Mr Davis.

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