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Volvo say new XC60 will be 'one of the safest vehicles ever made'

Volvo's next generation XC60 starts production this month and a press release from the Swedish automotive giant promises autonomous safety tech that will make it "one of the safest vehicles ever made".

Oncoming Lane Mitigation will engage existing Steer Assist functionality to autonomously prevent head on collisions, while Blind Spot Indication will use the same Steer Assist system to reduce the risk of collisions when motorists are changing lanes. 

The XC60 will leave the factory 90 years to the month that Volvo's first ever model, the ÖV4, was introduced in 1927 and it is due to arrive on our shores later this year. It looks set to build on the global success of the existing model which has become the best selling premium mid-sized SUV in Europe since its launch, and represents 26% of Volvo's sales on New Zealand shores. 

Coby Duggan, Volvo's New Zealand general manager, expects pace of change in the industry to speed up with the ongoing shift towards autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity.  

“As the vehicles move closer to being able to make their own decisions, anticipating and protecting other road users is also given the highest priority,” he adds. 

Watch the new XC60 in action below. 


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