AA Safer Driving Telematics

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Offering a revolutionary, safety first, telematics solution for the New Zealand market. Leveraging a global AI based service delivering real time feedback on the safety of every journey. A huge step forward in fleet safety and fleet compliance.

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  • Dongle based, fleet safety solution providing flexibility, no installation costs, and the ability to work with any vehicle built after 2002.
  • Provides GPS tracking of your staff when they are on the road
  • Gives a true “crash risk” score per journey, going beyond just providing speed alerts. This helps clients quickly understand those drivers who pose the highest risk in their fleet to best target training resources on those who need it most. Working towards fleet compliance.
  • Provides a high quality driver app, featuring scoring per trip, along with an animated feedback module to visually represent the most dangerous driving activity on each journey. It has the ability to pick up on activities such as tail gating, last minute lane changes, cornering speed and many more.
  • A true leader board for your staff to help gamify the experience. No longer will staff score 100% just for following the speed limits, instead our tool allows you to award the safest drivers in your fleet, along with those who have made the most improvement over time.
  • Client dashboard allowing your administrators to see where your staff are while on the road, and access top line reporting & detailed journey summaries for every driver.
  • Can be combined with the AA’s new coaching & assessment product, designed to capture data from drivers, and tailor an in-vehicle coaching session to their specific needs. This, followed by one of our industry leading driver assessments, gives you the peace of mind that your drivers have improved and are capable of driving safely.


Suitable for

  • All organisations where staff are driving for work purposes on a daily basis.
  • Any business looking to use a telematics system to improve driver and fleet safety.
  • Companies that wish to implement telematics, whose staff use their own vehicles, or perk vehicles, when driving for work.