Driving Instructor business in Hawke's Bay

Be self employed and start your own business in Hawke's Bay region as an instructor with AA Driving School.

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155Why become an AA Driving Instructor in Hawke's Bay?

If you have a passion for improving road safety in Hawke's Bay, an interest in education and a desire to work for yourself in your community, then this could be a good opportunity for you. This is an established business opportunity with low entry and exit barriers. Please note that this is not a salaried position.

How do I start my own business in Hawke's Bay?

AA Driving Instructors operate their own business with the support, training and branding of the AA. Working in the AA Driving School network is an opportunity to run your own business in Hawke's Bay region. The first thing would be to request an information pack. We can get in touch with you and discuss if and how this business opportunity could work for you.

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Where would I work in Hawke's Bay?

The area of operation for each Driving Instructor depends on where an instructor can deliver lessons and where there is demand. Lessons can be done in Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and any other place in the area where the instructor can drive to. There are set lesson pick up locations in each place, but instructors have the option of picking up customers in other areas as well.