Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers

Driving is a complex task - driver error contributes to over three quarters of road crashes. Our roads are complex and getting more crowded - even experienced drivers need to update their driving skills to be safer drivers.

$125 per person

As of 5 April 2022 in line with the Government's recent Protection Framework changes, students will no longer be required to present a vaccine pass or scan a QR Code for contact tracing.

Strict sanitation measures will remain in place and face masks should be worn at all times


Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers

Please note: If you are a company car driver, the Defensive Driving for Fleet & Business course is more appropriate for you.

AA Driving School has developed a classroom training programme for fully licensed drivers who want to update their driving skills and knowledge. The course teaches positive driving behaviours and a responsible philosophy towards ourselves and other road users.

As motorists, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Driving requires us to be alert, understand our own abilities, assess the attitudes of other road users and be aware of the environment around us. We can all benefit by being taught to do it properly.

Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers is for individuals who are interested in becoming safer drivers who want to help to create a safer road environment for their families and other road users in New Zealand.

What's covered

The Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers course is taught over 3 hours in a classroom. It teaches you to :

  • Manage and reduce your driving risks on the road
  • Understand your own driving profile
  • Search and scan
  • Identify hazards and how to respond to them
  • How to cope with road conditions and handling the vehicle

The benefits

  • Gain a certificate which is a valid workplace qualification - the course contributes towards a number of NZQA Unit Standards (in particular 3465)
  • Learn new skills to make you a safer driver and reduce the likelihood of a crash
  • Reduce maintenance costs by implementing new driving behaviours
  • Save money by saving fuel on every journey

How to register

Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers is provided throughout New Zealand and is currently held regularly in Auckland.

For information on venues, pricing and session times, or to organise an in-house course, please call us on 0800 223 748.