MIT Accelerate Driver Training Programme

Landing that first job or apprenticeship can be tough.

When the majority of jobs you could apply for require a driver licence and you don’t have one, or you live a long way from the city centre where many jobs are, it’s even tougher.

To help curb those challenges and get students on the road and to their first jobs, AA Driving School launched MIT Accelerate Driver Training Programme in partnership with Manukau Institute of Technology in July 2018.

What's involved

Accelerate involves a cohort of up to 75 Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Trades and Hospitality students receiving three free driving lessons with an AA driving instructor. In addition, AA Driving School trained four MIT staff members to facilitate the Defensive Driving Course, which can reduce the time it takes to get a full licence by six months.

“We want to help students on their driver training journey, so they’re not held back from getting a job simply because they don’t have a licence.”
- AA Driving School General Manager Roger Venn

Finally, the AA will provide one year free AA Membership to each Accelerate participant who obtains their full licence by the end of June 2019.