Our recommendations

We make sure you don’t get stuck on the learn-to-drive journey

Driving a vehicle requires a lot of different skills that can take time to master. Here are some helpful recommendations and guidance from the AA Driving School to help you go the distance.

Getting your learner licence

  1. Prepare for your theory test - we recommend that you read the road code.
  2. Test your knowledge. Use our road code quiz and purchase practice tests.
  3. Revise your knowledge of the road code when you’re a passenger. Ask the driver about give way rules, safe following distances, merging and anything else that you might not be sure about.

Getting your restricted licence

  1. Learner drivers should have at least 5 professional driving lessons with 10-20 hours of practice between each lesson.
  2. After passing the theory test and getting your learner licence, we recommend that you start driving with professional lessons and work with your practice supervisor on a few new skills during each practice session.
  3. To prepare for your restricted test, we recommend you attend an AA Defensive Driving Course. It will help you manage risk, identify hazards and the 1 hour practical lesson with the instructor will help you improve your driving skills for the test.
  4. Plan regular sessions with your practice supervisor to experience driving in the wet, at night, in high volume traffic and on motorways.
  5. Set a programme in place that begins with the basics and gradually steps things up for each practice session with your supervisor.

Getting your full licence

  1. After passing your restricted test and preparing to drive on your own, build up your level of experience slowly and carefully by taking short drives in areas that you’re familiar with. This will help you to gain confidence and avoid getting yourself into situations where you could make the wrong decision.
  2. Even if you are driving safely and responsibly it does not mean other road users will be. Remain alert at all times and be careful when approaching intersections just in case another car pulls out in front of you or brakes sharply.
  3. Avoid anything that could reduce your concentration while driving, i.e. lack of sleep or have taken medication.
  4. Always remain mindful that “you own your car, not the road’ and make a conscious effort to ensure that your driving is safe.
  5. While you’re driving on your restricted licence, we recommend you review the road code and continue regular driving sessions with your practice supervisor so they can spot anything you could improve on.
  6. Take a refresher driving lesson with an AA driving instructor before your full licence test to help identify any errors that might have crept in. They will be able to advise whether you’re ready to sit your full licence test or not.

For experienced drivers

  1. Drivers never stop learning, especially with new rules being introduced all the time in New Zealand. We recommend that you frequently visit the NZTA website for the latest road rule update.