Advanced riding

$630 - A full day advanced riding techniques course. With practice you will be able to ride progressively, safely and efficiently.

Advanced riding

PLEASE NOTE: AA Motorcycle training, Basic Handling Skills Assessment and CBTA are currently only available in selected areas of Whangarei, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Waihi, Wellington, New Plymouth, Christchurch and Auckland (West/East/South).


7 hours

An introduction to the advanced riding techniques used by the Institute of Advanced Motorists motorcycle division and Emergency Services riders. The course will introduce you to the concepts of Motorcycle Roadcraft (The Police Rider’s Manual) which is internationally regarded as best practice in riding technique. You will be introduced to a system of motorcycle control that uses 5 features to consider on the approach to any actual or potential source of danger. Advanced observation, scanning, anticipation and planning skills will be developed. With practice in these techniques you will be able to ride progressively and safely with an air of quiet efficiency.

You must wear suitable protective clothing and your bike must be in warrantable condition.

Subsidised, certified rider coaching, delivered by experts and available from just $20.

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