Getting your learner motorcycle licence

The AA Driving School can help you get your Learner motorcycle licence

Whether you've never ridden a motorcycle before, or are confident and ready to sit your Basic handling skills test, get in touch with us. You can book a carpark training session and learn the required skills from scratch or book a more comprehensive training session that is followed by the assessment.

Getting your learner motorcycle licence

PLEASE NOTE: AA Motorcycle Training options vary by region. Please check to see what training options are available in your area.


You must be at least 16 years old to get your learner motorcycle licence. Before you can apply for your learner motorcycle licence you need to pass a basic handling skills test.

Once you have completed this test you can go in to an AA Centre and take the learner licence theory test. Check out our Road Code Quiz or Road Code Practice Tests, these valuable tools will help you gear up to pass first time round.

After you've passed your learner theory test, you can practice your skills ready for the next step in your journey, your restricted motorcycle licence!

Subsidised, certified rider coaching, delivered nationwide by experts and available from just $20.

Suitable if you have not ridden a motorcycle with manual gears before. Two hours of training before the assessment.

This is for someone who has been on a bike before but not confident. Training followed by the assessment.