Highway and rural training

$200 - You will be shown safe riding techniques on highway and rural roads.

Highway and rural training

PLEASE NOTE: AA Motorcycle training, Basic Handling Skills Assessment and CBTA are currently only available in selected areas of Whangarei, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Waihi, Wellington, New Plymouth, Christchurch and Auckland (West/East/South).


2 hours

You will be shown the necessary skills required to safely navigate highway and rural roads. These zones require you to ride at higher speeds so it is a good idea to have some professional training before taking your restricted motorcycle licence assessment.

This training covers riding in higher speed zones. You will build on the skills learned in the urban environment and learn to scan further ahead, anticipate the situation your are riding into and to plan your positioning on the road for safety, stability and vision. You will learn about the forces that act on a motorcycle during higher speed cornering and how your choices can minimise these forces, to maximise your safety. Bluetooth intercom sets are used for your safety with high quality 2-way communication with your instructor. You must wear suitable protective equipment, an approved helmet, gloves and be in possession of your driver licence. You must ride a LAMS approved motorcycle. A motorcycle can be arranged at a small charge if you do not have access to one. 

Subsidised, certified rider coaching, delivered by experts and available from just $20.

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