Understanding our Members' views

To be a voice for our Members on transport issues we need to have a good understanding of their views.

To achieve this we regularly conduct email surveys of random samples of our Members on a wide range of topics, working hard to make sure genuine and accurate views of our Members are captured.

This page provides information on:

How we survey
How we use survey results
Recent surveys
Survey results
Check you are a potential survey recipient

How we survey

We generally conduct between 10 to 15 email surveys annually, sending invitations to participate to the equivalent of 12% of the personal AA Membership over the course of a year.

Recipients are selected randomly and anonymously by our survey system. To be eligible to receive a survey someone must be an AA Member, be receiving electronic correspondence from us and have an active email address.

Participation is completely voluntary (as with any survey except the Census) but the size of our survey responses are in line with those used by professional survey or polling businesses.

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How we use survey results

The Government and authorities regularly consider changes to transport policies and regulations - from nationwide issues like the make-up of the transport budget and level of fuel tax drivers pay, to local decisions on speed limits and parking charges.

The AA monitors and responds to these proposals at a national level through our Government submissions and at a regional level through our 18 District Councils across the country. We also develop and champion our own ideas for how transport could be improved through things like the AA's Election Calls and Auckland Matters.

There will always be a range of support and opposition to any change, so we use surveys to get insight into our Members' perspectives and seek what we call "the view of the reasonable motorist". This is considered alongside other research, evidence and policy analysis to form the final position the AA takes on an issue.

Recent surveys

We conduct a 'Rolling Survey' and 'District Concerns Survey' with the same questions each year to monitor long term trends.

We also regularly produce one-off surveys on specific issues or a broad range of transport-related topics.

The table below lists the most recent surveys we have undertaken and a brief description of them.

Survey Month run Description
Auckland Panel survey May 2020 A quick-fire survey of the AA’s Auckland Panel in relation to Auckland Council’s Emergency Budget.
Covid 19 transport impacts survey Jul 2020 An Auckland University led survey that the AA helped promote on how people's travel had been changed by the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown
Congestion charging survey Aug 2020 A survey to gauge the views of Auckland and Wellington AA Members on congestion charging.
Climate change survey Sep 2020 A survey of Members' attitudes to costs and policies of meeting emission reduction targets.
Auckland Panel survey Oct 2020 A short survey for Auckland Panel Members on what matters most to them as Auckland’s transport system is developed.
Auckland Lake Rd survey Nov 2020 A survey on what AA Members on the Devonport peninsula thought about Lake Road traffic and the options Auckland Transport was considering to upgrade Lake Road.
Intelligent Transport Systems survey Dec 2020 A survey on what transport-related technology AA Members currently have and use, as well their views on electric vehicles and privacy.
Auckland Panel survey Dec 2020 A short survey on the next Auckland Harbour Crossing and congestion charging.
Speed survey Feb 2021 A survey on AA Members' views on speed limits and potential changes to open road limits.
District Concerns survey Feb 2021 An annual survey on AA Members' concerns and views on transport issues at a regional level.
EV and battery survey Mar 2021 A survey on AA Members' views around electric vehicles and battery waste management in response to the Climate Change Commission's draft carbon plan.


Survey results

We publish a compilation of results from recent surveys online.

We also periodically produce hard copy compilations of survey results, with the most recent downloadable below.

What Our Members Think cover

What Our Members Think – AA Member Surveys, March 2017

This publication summarises the results of 27 surveys, giving a snapshot of AA Members’ views on their cars, alternative transport, congestion, safety, fuel, parking, the environment and more.


Check you are a potential survey recipient

All AA Members are automatically included in the database that survey samples are randomly selected from unless you have chosen to receive no promotional emails or no surveys.

A random selection is drawn from the database for each survey and Members can make sure they are a potential recipient of our surveys in two ways.

Check and update your preferences using MyAA

  • Log in (or register) to your MyAA profile 
  • Check the email address we have on your AA Membership record is correct and use Edit My Details to update if needed.
  • Click Magazine subscriptions and email preferences.
  • Ensure AA Member opinion and feedback is ticked and that Please do not send me any AA emails at the bottom is un-ticked.

Contact us to update your preferences

Alternatively, you can contact us on 0800 500 444 or email us (select General enquiry).

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