car loan basics aa finance

12 December 2016

Car loan basics – what they are and how they work

It might seem an obvious question, but what is a car loan? Of course it’s a loan to buy a car, but why not buy a car with a personal loan? Why not buy a car with a credit card or top up your mortgage? Let’s take a closer look at what a car loan is, how it works, and why it can be the smart way to borrow money for your next car purchase.

your credit score quick guide aa finance

9 December 2016

Your Credit Score – A Quick Guide

Understanding the importance of a good credit score is made easy with our Quick Guide to Credit Reports.

decoding car loan jargon aa finance

8 December 2016

Decoding the jargon: car loan terminology explained

The world of finance can be full of confusing terminology. Car finance is no exception. And while at AA Finance we try to be jargon-free, we recognise that there are words that are used across the industry that can be difficult to understand.

buying a car at auction car loans

8 December 2016

Buying a Car at Auction

Buying a car at auction does not need to be either a scary or a risky experience. The right preparation can give you the tools that you need to bid then walk away with a great car. If you’re thinking of making a car purchase through an auction house, make sure you take a look at these handy tips.

Factors that affect car loans

13 September 2016

Factors that affect car loans

When you’re looking for your next car, you may be entirely focused on deciding what you need from your latest set of wheels. It’s not uncommon to forget to think about how you’re going to pay for it, until after you’ve found exactly what you want.

Tips for setting up your first car loan

25 August 2016

Getting it right the first time – Tips for setting up your first car loan

Getting a car loan for your first car can seem daunting. Taking on debt is a big step in life, so it’s important to carefully consider what will work for your budget and what you can afford. Here are some things to ponder before setting up your first car loan.

How to pay your car loan off faster

25 August 2016

Less time; less interest. How to pay your car loan off faster.

Whether you’ve already set up your car loan or you’re simply considering your options, paying off your loan faster is financially best. That’s because the faster you pay your car loan off, the less you pay in interest, and the shorter the length of your loan.

Good credit counts

16 August 2016

Good credit counts - Understanding your credit score

Have you ever wondered what your credit report says about you? There’s no time like the present for getting to grips with the importance of your credit status.

Right car loan for your budget

3 August 2016

Structuring your car loan - how to make it work for your budget

Getting a car loan to work for you isn’t just about choosing a provider that you can trust. It’s also about making sure that you structure your loan in a way that suits both your lifestyle and your needs. That usually means finding a repayment structure that fits your budget, and being able to borrow enough money to get the car that you want.

Review your loan position full image

3 August 2016

Review your car loan regularly – it’s well worth the effort

With all types of finance - including car loans - it simply makes sense to regularly review what you have and what your options are. Building up a good repayment history with your lender may mean there is an opportunity for an interest rate reduction. Or, perhaps you have a little more disposable income available, which could help you pay your loan off faster…

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