Getting a car loan

Looking for a car loan Heres three must know tips

26 April 2018

Looking for a car loan? Here’s three ‘must-know’ tips.

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, then you might also be reviewing your finance options. Most vehicle purchases are high ticket items and that often means that finance is needed to complete the purchase.

The search for the best deal in car finance

20 March 2018

The search for the best deal in car finance

Finding the right car loan for your needs is about more than interest rate. It’s about getting finance that’s structured to suit your budget and goals. Here are some key things to consider if you’re looking for the best option for your car loan needs.

Five mistakes to avoid when getting car finance

19 February 2018

Five mistakes to avoid when getting car finance

Are you searching for the best car finance for your needs? Finding finance that works for you isn’t just about grabbing the first deal you see advertised. Your ideal car loan needs to tick all the boxes. If you’re looking for an outstanding option in car finance - you might benefit from avoiding these five mistakes.

how are you planning to finance your car

7 December 2017

How Are You Planning to Finance Your Car?

If you’re in the market for a new car then you’ve probably started reviewing your finance options. A car is usually a big purchase, so it’s common to have to borrow money to cover the costs. Here are some of the different ways you could finance your next car, and a quick look at how each option might meet your needs.

Calculating the cost of your car

6 September 2017

Calculating the cost of your car

Would you like to understand the real cost of your next car? Whether you’re buying new or used, it’s helpful to work out your financial position before you sign on the dotted line. From using a car loan calculator to understanding potential running costs - here’s how to calculate the cost of your car.

quick guide to the right car loan term for you

13 April 2017

Quick guide to the right car loan term for you

Setting up the right structure for your car loan is important. It can have a big impact on your ongoing budget and the overall cost of your loan. Read on for our quick guide on how to work out the right car loan term for you.

estimating your car loan payments

13 April 2017

Estimating your car loan payments

If you’re looking for a car loan, then you may be wondering how much you can afford and what it is going to cost. Using a car loan estimator allows you to calculate how much you will be repaying on a monthly basis. You can then make sure your car loan meets your budget before contacting a provider and beginning the application process.

setting up a car loan aa finance

14 December 2016

What do you need to set up a car loan?

As with all lending, there’s a bit of paperwork needed to complete a car loan application. If you’re shopping for your next set of wheels and getting ready to find the vehicle finance you need, check out our quick guide to the kind of information lenders generally request.

your credit score quick guide aa finance

9 December 2016

Your Credit Score – A Quick Guide

Understanding the importance of a good credit score is made easy with our Quick Guide to Credit Reports.

decoding car loan jargon aa finance

8 December 2016

Decoding the jargon: car loan terminology explained

The world of finance can be full of confusing terminology. Car finance is no exception. And while at AA Finance we try to be jargon-free, we recognise that there are words that are used across the industry that can be difficult to understand.

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