Managing your car loan

Handy Hints for Your First Car Loan

31 July 2018

Handy Hints for Your First Car Loan

Aside from credit and store cards, a car loan is often the first ‘big debt’ decision we make. Signing up for debt is a big step, so it’s important to understand your options and what you are committing to. If you’re considering getting your first car loan, take a moment to read on for a few handy tips.

Want to pay off your car loan faster

30 June 2018

Want to pay off your car loan faster?

So you’re buying a new car and you need to get a loan? That doesn’t mean you have to be in debt for the next five years. If you’re planning on conquering your car loan quickly, take a look at these five tips to paying it off fast.

Six tips for smart car finance

1 July 2017

Six tips for smart car finance

No matter if it’s new or used, shopping for your next car gets the endorphins pumping. But don’t let the excitement take over – it’s time to focus on the details and organise finance for your purchase. Read on for some of the key things to consider.

time to refinance your car loan

10 January 2017

Are you ready to refinance?

Is your car loan giving you the flexibility you require? It’s not uncommon for your needs to change. If that’s the case it might be time to change your car loan too. Look out for these easy to spot signs your car loan is under-performing and needs to go.

car loan health check

9 January 2017

Is it time for a car loan health-check?

Have you had your car loan for 12 months or more? If so it could be time to review your options and perform a health-check. Here are five simple steps to getting the most from your car loan.

staying in the drivers seat of your car loan aa finance

15 December 2016

Tips to stay in the driver's seat of your car loan

It’s important to stay on top of your car loan, so if you want make sure you are firmly in the driving seat, stay tuned for our four key areas to focus on. Making your car loan work for you is about the longer journey, not just the short term goal of buying a car. Here are our recommendations for managing your car loan after your purchase.

How to pay your car loan off faster

25 August 2016

Less time; less interest. How to pay your car loan off faster.

Whether you’ve already set up your car loan or you’re simply considering your options, paying off your loan faster is financially best. That’s because the faster you pay your car loan off, the less you pay in interest, and the shorter the length of your loan.

Review your loan position full image

3 August 2016

Review your car loan regularly – it’s well worth the effort

With all types of finance - including car loans - it simply makes sense to regularly review what you have and what your options are. Building up a good repayment history with your lender may mean there is an opportunity for an interest rate reduction. Or, perhaps you have a little more disposable income available, which could help you pay your loan off faster…

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