Shopping for your next car

How to cut your cars fuel bill

14 November 2019

How to cut your car’s fuel bill

Some expenses in life just seem pretty much unavoidable. Food. Electricity. And, for most of us, fuel.

Eight must haves for your family car

7 June 2019

Eight must-haves for your family car

Need more room for your growing family? If you are considering buying a family car, you’ll want it packed with safety features - and perhaps some entertainment features to keep the little ones busy during long road trips. Here are eight must-haves for your new set of wheels.

Negotiate a better car price in six steps

25 March 2019

Negotiate a better car price in six steps

Looking to upgrade your wheels? With a little bit of knowledge and research, you could negotiate a better deal on your next car, keeping more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket. Here are a few handy tips to get your ‘negotiation gears’ in motion.

your next car new or second hand

22 March 2019

Your next car: new or second-hand?

Purchasing a car is an exciting time, but if you want to buy ‘smart’, there is one important question to consider: should you buy used or brand-new?

Seven car buying mistakes

22 August 2018

Seven car buying mistakes

Thinking about purchasing a car and need to be sure it's not a ‘lemon’? If you’re on the hunt for your next vehicle, there are certain common car-buying mistakes to avoid.

Your step by step guide to buying a used car

28 July 2018

Your step-by-step guide to buying a used car

Are you in the market for a used car, but are afraid of ending up with a clunker?

Are you happy with your car finance

2 March 2018

Are you happy with your car finance?

Paying off a car loan often takes a few years and a lot can change in the time between setting up your car finance and settling it. The best deal when you signed on the dotted line might stop delivering value as time passes.

five top features of a car loan company

12 April 2017

Five top features of a car loan company

If you’re looking for a car loan you may be wondering which provider to choose. Car loan companies range from car dealers to banks, and each company that offers car loans will tell you that they are the best. But if you’re in the market for a car loan what does a company really need to offer? Here are five features to consider when choosing a vehicle finance provider.

car loan basics aa finance

12 December 2016

Car loan basics – what they are and how they work

It might seem an obvious question, but what is a car loan? Of course it’s a loan to buy a car, but why not buy a car with a personal loan? Why not buy a car with a credit card or top up your mortgage? Let’s take a closer look at what a car loan is, how it works, and why it can be the smart way to borrow money for your next car purchase.

buying a car at auction car loans

8 December 2016

Buying a Car at Auction

Buying a car at auction does not need to be either a scary or a risky experience. The right preparation can give you the tools that you need to bid then walk away with a great car. If you’re thinking of making a car purchase through an auction house, make sure you take a look at these handy tips.

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