How to hide winter veggies (even from yourself)

We all know that, apart from turning your kids into superheroes, vegetables also dish out a healthy dose of energy, vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and water to them - all good things to help keep them happy and healthy over winter.

However, we also know good intentions can come to a screaming halt when kids turn their noses up at the ‘dreaded vege’.  So, fear not, giving the family their 5+ A Day® is going to be easy peasy pumpkin squeezy when you have these veggie-hiding tips up your winter woollen sleeves.

Give a couple a whirl, you could even play ‘guess-the-vege’ with the family – or keep these little secrets to yourself.

The classic go-to – making your own chips

Winter veggies are super suited to making your own chips. Potatoes, parsnips and carrots basically leap onto the oven tray. We say cut ‘em thin, give them plenty of room and turn the crunch factor up to 10.  Check out this ultimate chip ‘how to guide’ from Home Grown Happiness 

Home Grown Happiness

Image: Home Grown Happiness

It’s time to zoodle!

Say what? ‘Zoodles’ are Zucchini noodles and are a fabulous alternative to wheat pasta (GF peeps rejoice!). They also technically require no cooking.  You can serve them cold or even just warm them slightly.  Visit downshiftology to find out how to make your zoodles and how to not cook them!

Become a kitchen whizz

Or better yet - use one! A kitchen blender or whizz is your absolute go-to for hiding the winter vegetables in your smoothies or soups.

Check out this ‘Winter warming smoothie’ here from The Minimalist Baker, which packs a punch with winter vegetables and is probably one of the healthiest things you could put in your body at the moment. 

Green Smoothie

Image: The Minimalist Baker

Bake up a sweet storm – and let the veges come along for the ride

It’s good to remember that when you bake veggies it totally changes both their texture and flavour. When you add them into your sweet baking, the more eagle-eyed kids may spot a few flecks of orange and green but the majority of the family will be fooled.

This muffin recipe from The Lean Green Bean features our good friends –zucchini and carrots!

Or if you are feeling confident to pull one over on the kids – you could try baking a Cauliflower Chocolate Cake– yes, no typo, cauliflower in the cake! You can get the recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Finally, this pancake recipe from Weelicious may look like they’re red velvet, but in actual fact it’s healthy red beets that have made their way in. Sneaky!

Chocolate Cauliflower Cake

Image: Chocolate Covered Katie

The “Grate” Pretender

The powers of the grater have fooled the little ones into gobbling up their veggies for decades. From stir-frys to lasagnes and muffins to fritters - this is your super-secret agent in the kitchen so use its powers wisely. We recommend checking out this delicious crispy vegetable fritter recipes from Just a taste.

Hide them in plain sight! Get the kids out there growing their own.

Most kids love mucking in and planting their own vegetables. The first sign of something growing is such a thrill (no matter how big it may become) and can help establish a lifelong appreciation of veggies.  You can check out this helpful article from Palmers on how to grow your winter vegetables.

Kids gardening