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Our Customer Stories

We’re proud of our customers because they inspire us to take responsibility and be proactive. Here are some of their stories.

If I found I had cancer and was dying, I’d like to do something special with the family. Create memories for the kids.
AA Life - Sarah Gatjens banner

Sarah Gatjens

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You think it’s not going to happen, but it does... It’s a horrible enough time as it is let alone trying to pay for it.
AA Life - Leanne Ellis banner

Leanne Ellis

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At the end of the day you’ve got to make sure you’re covered, it’s your family that pays for it in the long run.
I want to make sure that anything to do with me is covered.
Funeral Cover Owen Cathy 2 banner

Cathy and Owen

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I’ve been to a lot of tangi and there are so many families out there that don’t have insurance. You see the struggle.
AA Life - Carli Te Hira banner

Carli Te Hira

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AA Life’s policies were easy to follow, seemed pretty straightforward, and it was a good price.
AA Life - David Bloomer banner

David Bloomer

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I had our other insurance with AA Insurance already and my Dad recommended them...
AA Life - Zoe Evans banner

Zoe Evans

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