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Simple, straightforward cover

Let us introduce you to David Bloomer. He took a thorough approach to selecting his life insurance provider and he liked that he didn’t need a lawyer to explain AA Life policies to him.

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Profession: IT Technician

Age: 30

Situation: Wanted easy-to-follow life insurance that covered death and terminal illness for himself and his wife.

David already had cover for his house, content, and car with AA Insurance, but he still took a pretty thorough look at other life insurers before signing up for Life Cover.

“I’d been looking for three or four months before I made the decision. Comparing different policy statements, checking to see if plain English was used, and seeing how easy it was to apply,” he says.

David was also keen to ensure he and his wife were covered for terminal illnesses.

“There were a few products out there that didn’t have that cover. If you ever ended up in that situation – that you’re going to die – it’s nice to know that you can make that claim before the event to make the most of what life’s got left.”

Overall, David reckons simplicity is a huge factor for most people when it comes to choosing life insurance. The policy has to be simple to follow, make it easy to figure out whether you’re covered for “most eventualities”, and clearly state what you’ll be entitled to when you make a claim.

“You know, insurance is seen as something that people don’t want to have, but need to have, and it can be pretty complicated. With some policies you need a lawyer to understand what they’re saying – and that’s not helpful.

“AA Life’s policies were easy to follow, seemed pretty straightforward, and it was a good price.”

David, who is 30 years old and works as an IT technician, has been married for four years but only really got serious about life insurance recently because he and his wife decided to buy a house and start planning a family.

“We needed the protection for each other so if anything happened to either one of us, the mortgage would be sorted and a bit left over. It takes a bit of pressure and stress to buy a house so if you lost it all you’d be pretty disappointed.”

Once David chose AA Life Cover, he and his wife both sat down and signed up for a policy each, naming each other as the beneficiaries.

“It seemed to be a way to keep everything simple. In the event that something happens to one of us and the other one survives, it should be a quick and simple process if it ever came to that. The last thing you want is stress in that scenario.

“I think it took me about half an hour to fill out the form online. A few simple questions and it was done. It’s quite a simple way of doing it and it’s all sorted there and then. We received the policy documents in the mail within about a week or so of filling out the forms so, yeah, things went pretty quick and smooth.

“I feel surprisingly relieved now actually. It’s a bit of peace of mind I guess. I know that if something really bad happens the money’s not going to be a problem. I hadn’t really thought about it during the process but once you’ve done it you think, oh yeah, now we’re in a pretty good position.”

His advice to people looking for life insurance: “Don’t go with one brand necessarily – have a look around and see what suits you best. Every company has got slightly different policies and they might not suit everyone. I certainly would recommend AA Life as one to put at the top of the list.”

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