AA Directions Summer 2017

In readiness for summer, we share ideas on keeping the holiday season stress-free and simple. That might mean resisting the urge to plan; spontaneity is a perfectly viable option. However, planning is essential for major accomplishments, which is what getting rid of New Zealand's pests would be. So too, would tackling issues to make for safer motoring.

News bites

In just over 30 years, New Zealand could be completely free of possums, rats and stoats if the governmnet's plan sees fruition
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AA surveys found some of the biggest annoyances for Members involved motorist behaviour around passing lanes
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Locals in Italy and Austria are warm and welcoming
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The world is becoming more and more electric. In fact, 200 million e-bikes are pedalling across the globe today
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New Zealand aims to be pest free by 2050. Are you backyard trapping?

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