AA Directions Summer 2018

The idea behind this issue's theme is about making the most of life. Over summer, stretch your personal limits a little. That will mean different things to different people, of course. So we've curated a list of inspiration, from skydiving and ziplining to mountain biking and horse riding in the hope you'll try something new. This country is bristling with opportunities for fun. Get out there and find your version of thrill.

Minis TN1

Twice the charm

We meet a family in love with a classic car - the Mini

Byron TN2

Modern day magic

Australia's Byron Bay is a refreshing change of scenery

Top spot TN3

Madeleine Sami's Top Spot

The actor and comedian shares her favourite place

News bites

Not often do we think about the types of fuel we use or where it comes from
Read more - Fuel facts
The Remutaka Cycle Trail may be of hilly terrain but the views are well worth it
Read more - Riding high
We investigate the pros and cons of turning an ordinary pedal bike electric
Read more - Making the switch
A campervan trip to the East Cape reveals roads less travelled and the perfect sunrise
Read more - A family affair

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