Reciprocal services overseas

AA Members are entitled to reciprocal benefits from clubs around the world that are members of the FIA and AAA.

Getting AA Member reciprocal services overseas

Entitlements vary in each country. On your arrival, contact the local club to confirm the reciprocal services that are available. You may be required to present your AA Membership card prior to being entitled to services.

Some clubs overseas may require you to show proof that your AA Membership is current. We recommend you print out a letter to confirm your Membership status and take it with you. This is available by logging on here.


Each state in Australia has a separate club. These clubs operate independently. All recognise each other's members equally though please note reciprocal service does not extend to the club facilities of the RACV in Melbourne or the RACA in Sydney. Find out more about reciprocal services and other discounts in Australia.

Reciprocal services include:

  • Roadside assistance - call 1311 11 for nationwide breakdown assistance.
  • Towing (free of charge up to 10 km in metropolitan areas and 40 km in rural areas)
  • Road information, touring and technical services
  • Traffic advisory
  • Insurance and finance

Australian motoring clubs


The American Automobile Association (AAA) has approximately 60 clubs. These clubs are independent and may use their individual state name. Most clubs provide emergency assistance within a set perimeter. Reciprocal services include:

  • Roadside assistance - call 1-800-AAA-HELP (222-4357)
  • Battery assistance, flat tyres, key lockouts & fuel delivery services
  • Free towing service (within a three mile radius)
  • Touring information, maps and handbooks
  • Insurance


The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has 9 FIA club members. Reciprocal services include:

  • Roadside assistance - call 1-800-CAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357)
  • Free towing service (within a 5km radius)
  • Road information, touring and technical services
  • Traffic advisory
  • Insurance and finance


Reciprocal services vary within European countries. In most cases, once you contact a local club, roadside assistance will be available at a discounted member rate. For example:

  • Italy - Payment required for breakdown and towing service. Breakdown service fees are discounted - call 803 116.
  • France - This is a call centre service only. Your call for roadside assistance will be directed to a local garage. You'll be required to pay the garage fee - call 0800 08 92 22.
  • Germany - Roadside assistance provided free of charge by ADAC - call 0180 222 22 22. If ADAC is not available, roadside assistance is provided by ADAC's contractual partners at your expense.
  • Netherlands - Roadside assistance provided free of charge by ANWB upon presenting your AA Membership card - call 088 2692 888

United Kingdom

The AA United Kingdom offers 24-hour reciprocal breakdown assistance to NZAA Members travelling in the UK for a maximum of 90 days. Service includes free basic roadside assistance and a free local tow if required. Call the AA United Kingdom on 0800 028 90 18 (unless you’re in a rental vehicle, in which case you must use the breakdown assistance provided by the rental company).

Note: NZAA Members moving to the UK to take up either short or long term residence are advised to take out AA UK Membership by calling 0800 085 2721.

Other countries

To check reciprocal services available in other countries or contact details for one of the above clubs, contact us.

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