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  • Who do I contact regarding AA road signs?

    Road signs for the AA are manufactured by Harding Traffic located in Auckland, phone 09 259-0894. They send the completed sign to the local City, District or Regional Council who then arrange for the sign to be erected. From then on the local council is responsible for a road sign's maintenance, replacement or repair.

  • Do I need to carry my licence with me at all times?

    Yes. You must produce your driver's licence without delay for inspection whenever required to do so by an Enforcement Officer. The maximum penalty for not being able to produce your licence immediately is $1000.

  • Can I ride a scooter on a learner's licence?

    Yes. You can ride a scooter on a NZ learner licence. You must display an 'L' plate and you'll be governed by learner's licence rules.

  • Do I have to pass a test to ride a scooter?

    Yes. You need to pass a practical test to ride a scooter as per the rules for bikes between 50cc and 250cc.

  • Why didn't my partner and I get new Membership cards at the same time?

    A new AA Membership card is issued with your renewal invoice every 5 years on the 5th anniversary of your joining date. If you and your partner or spouse joined at different times, or if one of you has requested a replacement card, you won't receive new Membership cards at the same time.

  • How much does AA Membership cost?

    AA Membership pricing varies depending on where you live in New Zealand and the type of Membership you choose.

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  • Can I reinstate my cancelled AA Membership?

    AA Members are able to reinstate their cancelled Membership and retain their previous Membership start date. Rather than paying the full subscription rate for the cancelled period, this has been reduced to $20 per lapsed or part lapsed year. AA Memberships can be reinstated up to five years after they were cancelled. For more information on reinstating your cancelled AA Membership, please phone us on 0800 500 444 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

  • Why do I need to send in my AA Rewards $20 discount coupon to make payment against my Membership?

    AA Rewards $20 discount coupons still in circulation are treated like cash and must be surrendered for redemption. Each coupon has a unique barcode that needs to be scanned into our system to apply the $20 discount.

  • Does my Membership cover me for free towing?

    If we can't mobilise your car on the spot, we'll tow it to the nearest place of safety or repair.

  • Is there a family Membership package available?

    We currently don't have a family Membership package. However, there are two options: Youth and Associate Membership. Youth Membership is available at a $50.00 Membership rate until the age of 20. Associate Membership is available to a spouse or partner living with a current AA Member at 50% off the standard AA Membership rate.

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