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  • What is a guarantor?

    A guarantor is someone who agrees to repay your loan if you don’t keep up the payments.

  • How does invoice finance work?

    When you arrange an invoice finance facility with AA Finance, we set up your debtor's ledger on our computer system using our Virtual Ledger Manager® software. This is called a shadow ledger. Then by following the six easy steps below, you'll be able to keep your invoice finance facility running smoothly

  • What's the benefit of invoice finance over bank overdraft?

    The main benefit is that your invoice finance facility is dynamic – it increases at the same rate as your sales, allowing for more rapid business growth. This means you can pay suppliers when they're due and accept orders when you receive them. Because you can pay your own suppliers more promptly, you may even be able to negotiate better prices.

  • How long will it take for my plant, equipment and business loan application to be approved?

    We'll let you know within one working day once we have all the information we need.

  • Can I change the repayment amounts during the loan term?

    Yes. Talk to your AA Finance financial services manager and they'll see what we can do to change the loan to suit your business's cashflow.

  • What does it cost to become an AA Smartfuel cardholder?

    Nothing - simply pick up your free card from any participating retailer, service provider, service station or AA Centre. Your AA Smartfuel card is activated to earn AA Smartfuel discounts immediately; however you cannot redeem any discounts on fuel purchases until you have registered your card in one of these ways:

  • Why do I need to register my AA Smartfuel card?

    You won’t be able to redeem your fuel discounts until the card is registered. In order to keep you up-to-date with useful information about the AA Smartfuel programme, we ask that you provide all the information requested on the registration form.

  • What happens if I lose my AA Smartfuel card?

    Log into your account and click 'Your AA Smartfuel Account'.  Select ‘Deactivate your card/s’.

    This deactivates the card so that it cannot be used to redeem discounts. It is important to deactivate your card as quickly as possible, as it is like losing cash - anyone can use your card to redeem if it has not been deactivated. If your AA Smartfuel accumulated discounts have been redeemed before you are able to deactivate your card, unfortunately those AA Smartfuel discounts will be lost and can’t be transferred to your new card.

    To pick up a new card, simply go to any participating retailer or service provider and ask for a card (it’s free). You will then need to attach your new card as an additional card under your AA Smartfuel Account. Your new card will be registered and can access the accumulated discounts on the lost card (assuming they have not been redeemed prior to deactivating your lost card).

  • Can an AA Smartfuel group have a combination of AA Membership and AA Smartfuel (non AA Member) cards?


  • Can I invite more cardholders to link to my AA Smartfuel group at a later time?

    Yes – you can link cards at any time.

    Login to your AA Smartfuel account, click Link another cardholder to your account group (right side of page) and follow the steps.

    Card number is already assigned to a group – this message will display if the other cardholder has already linked to another group. In this situation, the other cardholder will need to leave their existing group before you can submit an invite request for them to join your group.

    Remember that once you’ve linked your card to a group, all fuel discounts go into a joint account and any cardholder in the group can redeem them. Once a cardholder has redeemed the fuel discounts the account is cleared to zero.

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