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  • How does the pricing work?

    • AA Home Book a Job have provided an estimated cost to complete the job type based on our experience and the information you have provided. Once the Trades person arrives they will determine if the price needs to be adjusted and if it does will discuss this with you.
    • The estimated price includes any parts that you have selected.
    • Our pricing includes everything - there are no hidden fees, call out charges etc.
    • Adding more than one part will not necessarily mean the price is doubled. Seeing as our Trades person is already at your house it is more efficient for them to install additional items at the same time.
  • The work I need done isn’t listed, can you still help me?

    • Please call 09 927 2659 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, excluding Public Holidays.
  • How can I provide feedback about the Trades person?

    • Shortly after the job is completed you will receive a text message with a link to a website that will enable you to provide feedback of your on-site experience. This will only take a few seconds and helps us to maintain quality within our Trades person network.
    • If you would also like to tell us more about your experience, please feel free to email us at [email protected]
  • Need more help?

    • Please call 09 927 2659 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. Our office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding Public Holidays.
  • Where can I get Learner or 'L' plates from?

    Learner or ‘L’ plates are available here via the AA Shop online, or from AA Centres.

    Find your nearest AA Centre.

  • How soon can you see my car?

    To book a WoF inspection either call us on 0800 456 654, book online or call into one of our sites. Where possible we will fit you in or organise a booking for you. We will generally be able to book your car in on the same or the next day. All AA Auto Centres nationwide offer Warrant of Fitness inspections. 

  • Does an AA Vehicle History Report show all the problems a vehicle may have?

    No, there may be information about the vehicle that isn't publicly or electronically available such as:

    • The vehicle's history while it was outside of New Zealand
    • History of the vehicle prior to 1994/95 if the vehicle wasn't registered during the 1994/95 year
    • Details of import damage if the vehicle has not been previously registered in NZ
    • Accident, damage and repair history of the vehicle
    • All past odometer readings
    • A worker's lien on the vehicle that has not been registered with the Government
    • The legal owner of the vehicle (only the registered owner is provided)
    • Whether the vehicle is stolen, unregistered, the plates have changed since being reported stolen, or the police database link is down
    • The mechanical condition of the vehicle
  • Do you use high quality oil?

    Yes. We only use Castrol and Vertex oils as standard for our services. Both Castrol and ELF are well placed to offer the best quality oil to look after your engine, prolong its life and run as efficiently as possible.

    Find your nearest AA Auto Centre.

  • If I am part of a group, will the total balance be available to turn into another reward?

    If you belong to a group where you earn AA Smartfuel discounts collectively then yes, when you or someone in your group chooses to turn AA Smartfuel discounts in to a new reward then you will have the option to convert from the group's total balance.

  • Once I turn my AA Smartfuel discounts into a different reward, is it possible to reverse this or change it to something else?

    No unfortunately once you have turned your AA Smartfuel discounts into a different reward it cannot be reversed or changed. The new reward terms and conditions will now apply.

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