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  • What if I lose or damage my AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card?

    AA Smartfuel card

    Log into your account and click 'Your AA Smartfuel Account'.  Select ‘Deactivate your card/s’.  Alternatively you can call us at 0800 842 877.

    This deactivates the card so that it cannot be used to redeem your AA Smartfuel discounts. If these have been redeemed before you are able to deactivate your card, those discounts will be lost.

    To transfer your balance to a new card, simply pick up a FREE card at any participating retailer or service provider. You will need to attach your new card as an additional card under your AA Smartfuel Account.

    AA Membership card

    If your AA Membership card has been lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement card here. Alternatively, you can use one of the following options to request a replacement:

  • What happens if I lose my AA Membership card?

    If your AA Membership card has been lost, stolen, damaged or is not swiping, you can order a replacement here. Alternatively, you can choose one of the following options:

    The lost card cannot be used to redeem discounts.

  • What do I do if my AA Membership card is lost, stolen, damaged or not swiping?

    If your AA Membership card has been lost, stolen, damaged or is not swiping you can order a replacement here.

    Alternatively, you can send us an email, call 0800 500 444 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm or visit your nearest AA Centre.

  • Do I get both the AA Smartfuel fuel discounts and the new reward (e.g. Qantas Points) or just one or the other?

    You can choose to turn some of your earned AA Smartfuel discounts into a One-off Reward and use the remaining AA Smartfuel discounts on a fuel redemption.

    If you have set an Automatic Reward then no, your AA Smartfuel discounts will automatically turn into your chosen reward immediately, and cannot be used on a fuel redemption. To make sure your AA Smartfuel discount is converted when shopping at bp or GAS you must choose to accumulate your discount / save it for later. Check with the attendant that your discount is not being used instantly on your fuel purchase.

  • Where do you provide mobile services for AA Pre Purchase Inspections?

    If you live in AucklandWellingtonChristchurchHamiltonHastingsNapier or Havelock North, we have mobile inspectors who can come to you. Please note that for the location to be suitable for a mobile inspection, the location must meet set criteria (i.e. the inspection area must be level and firm - concrete or similar, not gravel or grass).

  • Do all AA Auto Centres offer AA Pre Purchase Inspections?

    Selected AA Auto Centre sites offer AA Pre Purchase Inspections. Please visit the PPI Booking Enquiry form to see available locations in your area.

  • How much is an AA Pre Purchase Inspection?

    $184 for AA Members, $209 for non-Members.

  • What does an AA Pre Purchase Inspection include?

    An AA Vehicle Inspection checks over 100 items and includes exterior and interior inspections, driveline, engine, cooling system, suspension and steering, brakes, wheels and tyres and vehicle operation. 

    Read more about car and vehicle inspections

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