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  • What is full-time employment?

    Full-time employment means that you are earning money by working on a permanent and continuous basis for at least 20 hours every week. It doesn’t include seasonal, casual or temporary employment, or work under a non-renewable contract.

  • What if I need to change employer during the term of the cover?

    Your cover is completely portable between jobs; however, if you need to make a claim for unemployment you must have been in continuous work for six months with that employer before the claim. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

  • Is there a stand down period?

    Yes. Different claims have different stand down periods. Read the terms, conditions and exclusions for full details.

  • If I specify my laptop under a travel insurance policy, do I need to value it for what it cost me three years ago, or for what it is worth now?

    In the event of a claim we would pay the present day value, so it is only necessary to specify what it is worth now.

  • Is sporting equipment such as skis and snowboards covered?

    Not whilst in use or left unattended in public places. Equipment is only covered for loss or damage while in licensed commercial transport or for fire or burglary from locked accommodation premises. It is covered up to the item limit on the policy, unless it has been specified.

  • Can I claim on my policy if I did not like the hotel I was staying in?

    No, there is no cover for any consequential loss, loss of enjoyment, or loss of income.

  • My two children are travelling by themselves. Do they require individual policies?

    They can both purchase individual policies, or one can purchase a policy and the other can travel on that free of charge as a 'dependent'. In the latter case, they would share the benefits.

  • Am I able to insure my journey to my destination and then my return journey back to NZ only?

    No - we are only able to offer cover for the journey to your destination or cover for the entire duration of the trip. We do not offer transit cover i.e. 3 day policy for your journey there and 3 day cover for your return journey.

  • If I do not have a return ticket am I still covered for medical repatriation to New Zealand?

    Yes, if our medical advisors recommend you need to be repatriated to New Zealand we will pay the expenses for this. We will however not cover expenses to curtail or resume your travel unless you have a pre-paid return ticket.

  • What cover do I have when travelling from my home country to holiday in New Zealand?

    You are covered for 6 days in transit enroute to New Zealand and a further 6 days in transit on your return to your home country.

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