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Camping country

In a country where we all live so close to nature, it’s little wonder we harbour a national passion for...

Camping on the Coromandel Peninsula. © Andy Belcher

Cape Kidnappers: majestic gannets and more

Captain Cook had plenty to say in his log about the southern headland of Hawke’s Bay.

Castlepoint: a seaside adventure

Most of New Zealand’s special coastal spots are marked by lighthouses. Castlepoint is no exception.


Hawke's Bay: the finest of wines

There was a time when New Zealanders could get all the locally-produced wine they wanted, so long as they got...

Golfing in an alpine amphitheatre

‘Upon the upland road,’ James K.

Karangahake Gorge: a reminder of a golden era

If a day weeding the garden leaves you laid up with backache for a week, spare a thought for the...

Adventure time: embracing the laws of physics in Rotorua

In the Winter Olympics luge event, the athlete reclines on a light toboggan that he or she pilots down the...

Marlborough Sounds: unspoilt wilderness

Marlborough must have been an amazing place to visit in the last Ice Age, when a fair chunk of the...

Marlborough Wine Trail

You don’t have to go too far back– a matter of 30 years or so – to find yourself contemplating...

Loved by the locals: Upper Hutt

One of the best things about the Hutt Valley, in general, is that a river runs through it, and quite...

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