Whakaari White Island is our most active volcano. © Western Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Visit Whakaari White Island, the most active volcano in New Zealand

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Get up close to hissing fumaroles, sizzling sulphur and steaming craters on a visit to Whakaari White Island.

A short boat ride from Whakatāne (or even less, if you’re travelling by ‘copter), Whakaari White Island is a weird and wonderful volcanic landscape. 

As one of the world’s most accessible active volcanos, Whakaari White Island has been bubbling away for nearly 200,000 years.

Sulphur creates vivid colours in simmering lakes and collections of crusty crystals; mini geysers spurt, steam hisses and there’s a real sense of adventure as you explore this unique piece of geology. 

Relics from an ill-fated sulphur factory can also still be found on the island, with rusted metal telling the sad story of 11 lives lost in a 1914 eruption. 

While today’s obligatory hard hats and gas masks will also make you feel like an intrepid explorer, the walk to the crater is quick and easy – no mountain climbing required.

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