Zealandia: the world’s first fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary

Zealandia, formerly known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, packs an awful lot into a relatively small (less than 2.6 square...

Stitchbird at Zealandia, Wellington © Joao Inacio

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Kāpiti Island Nature Reserve: an accessible island sanctuary

‘We’ll pitch our tent/on Kāpiti Rock,’ sang one of this country’s finest singing sons, mariner and musician Andrew Fagan.

Te Papa Tongarewa: Museum of New Zealand

Te Papa: its location alone is a treasure.

Take in the spectacular beauty of the Cook Strait crossing

They don’t call this part of the planet ‘The Roaring Forties’ because it’s a sedate little paddle across.

Campervanning: the spontaneous way to travel

If the idea of a guided tour brings you out in spots, you’ll be wanting to bring yourself to the...

Cape Palliser: the wild southern tip of the North Island

This is a freaky part of the world, a wild, windblown promontory that is the southernmost tip of the North Island.

Castlepoint Scenic Reserve: the views, the views, the views

What a stretch of coast! It looks like it should be wild and woolly – and it can be in...

Pūkaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre: all that’s great and native in the avian category

Right regular Kiwi bloke’s name, Bruce, and this amazing wildlife centre is filled with the most Kiwi of creatures, especially...

Cape Kidnappers’ Gannet Colony: the exhilarating sight of 20,000 gannets

Some things harness and then reflect significant power over the visitor because of their singular majesty: mountains, iconic buildings, Tāne Mahuta.

Napier Art Deco Festival: vintage colour and charm

Napier and its outlying towns had to rebuild after the devastating 1931 earthquake.

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