Pre-existing medical conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions

These are defined as:

  1. Any physical defect, infirmity, existing or recurring illness, Injury or disability of which you, or the person due to whom you are claiming, are aware of; or 
  2. Any medical condition for which you, or the person due to whom you are claiming have had or received a medical examination, consultation, treatment, investigation and/or medication in the 12 months prior to the date your policy is issued.

Customers who have a pre-existing medical condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition please contact our medical team to assess the medical condition/s by answering our assessment questions. In the event that cover is not automatically provided under your policy you can apply for cover for the condition/s. Please note that a fee will be charged if cover for the pre-existing condition is approved.

Medical assessment line

To contact us directly please contact 0800 100 124 for assistance.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Please note that for some medical conditions of a more serious nature, extra terms may be applied to this policy.

If your condition is not accepted

If a pre-existing condition is not accepted, then only that condition will be excluded from the Travel Insurance policy, and the customer does not have to pay the pre-existing fee.

Important notes

  • Change of health - After you have purchased the policy you must inform the Medical Hotline on 0800 100 124 of any change of health that occurs before your departure. We are not obliged to insure this change.
  • Quotes - We reserve the right to amend any premium quoted prior to the issuing of any policy.