Hit the race track at Hampton Downs

Unleash your inner racer on the track at Hampton Downs.

Discover New Zealand’s most beautiful waterfall in Waitomo

In the heart of the Waitomo District, you’ll find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand.

Go on an underground adventure at Nikau Cave

Head deep into the countryside at the northern edge of the Waikato, and you’ll discover one of the prettiest glowworm...

Find gold-mining heritage in the Waikato

Explore the remnants of gold-mining history on the outskirts of Waikato’s Te Aroha.

Drink in the spectacular views on Wairarapa’s Deliverance Cove Track

Take a short, family-friendly walk to discover some of the most interesting coastline in the Wairarapa region.

Queen Elizabeth Park: family-friendly fun

Explore one of New Zealand’s best family-friendly parks in Wairarapa.

Absorb the legends of Aotearoa with Te Hīkoi o Pūkaha

At Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre you can have an immersive experience that is both ecological and cultural.

Squeeze into an enchanted world in Taupō

Wriggle through a narrow rock crevice to find a naturally-heated waterfall, deep in the bush on the outskirts of Taupō.

Go behind the scenes at Wētā Workshop

Wētā Workshop is world-famous, but in Wellington, you can have your own hands-on experience of cinematic craft.

Matiu / Somes Island: New Zealand’s Alcatraz

Visit the intriguing island in the middle of Wellington Harbour.

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