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  • Is it necessary for me to bring a supervisor to my Starter Session?

    We recommend that you attend your Starter Session with a supervisor but it is not a necessity.

  • Can I use my own vehicle for the Starter Session?

    Your instructor will assess your driving in their dual controlled car at your starter session, each of our instructors has different requirements surrounding the use of your own vehicle. You will have the opportunity to discuss using your own vehicle for future  planned driving lessons with your instructor.

  • Is it possible to take a Starter Session in a manual vehicle?

    During the booking process, you'll be shown a list of available driving instructors and their vehicle transmission type, manual transmission Starter Sessions can be booked if there is an available instructor in your area.

  • Can I get a Starter Session if I hold an overseas licence?

    A valid New Zealand learner driver licence is required to attend a Starter Session as this is a product for a driver new to driving.

  • What is the structure of a Starter Session?

    The Starter Session is one-hour long and is comprised of three parts; a briefing, skills assessment, and a planning debrief. 

  • What is the goal of a Starter Session?

    The goal of a Starter Session is to develop a learning plan and set you up for success early on in your learning to drive journey.

  • Is it possible to upgrade my Starter Session to a Driving Lesson?

    Driving Lessons must be scheduled through the online portal and will not be exchanged with Starter Sessions.

  • How much does a Starter Session cost?

    Members pay $25.00 and non-members pay $75.00.

  • What can I expect at my Driving Lesson?

    Driving Lessons are one hour long and include a brief with your driving instructor about your driving experience and what you'd like to improve on, starting small and progressing to lane shifting, roundabouts, higher speeds, motorway, and nighttime driving through practice. 

  • Is it possible for me to take lessons in my own vehicle?

    In the interest of safety, we advise learning to drive in our instructor’s dual controlled cars. If you wish to use your own car, the instructor will most likely assess your driving in their dual controlled car first, before taking any lessons in your own car. Each of our instructors has different requirements surrounding this so you will need to discuss this with your instructor.

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