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  • Do I have to have an iPhone/Android phone, or will any mobile phone work?

    The mobile app is only available on iPhones and Android phones.

  • Can I use an iPad to log a job?

    Yes you can – though you may prefer to request help on the web from an iPad.
  • How much does the app cost?

    The app is free from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.

  • Can I use the AA Roadservice mobile app with more than one Membership on the one phone?

    Yes – you will need to change the details in Setup to the second Member’s details.
  • What if I have just joined and I’m in the 24 hour stand down period?

    You will be asked to phone through for assistance.
  • Why have you introduced this facility?

    It’s been introduced so that Members have the flexibility to request breakdown assistance either using the mobile app, through our website or by phoning our contact centre.
  • What version of iOS do I need on my iPhone?

    The app requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Where do I find the app?

    You can download it free from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.

  • How much data will it use to book a roadside breakdown callout?

    Costs vary by network provider however as the app uses only small amounts of data, these costs will be minimal.
  • Do I have to have my Membership card with me?

    Yes. Standard Membership protocols apply – you will still need to show your Membership card when the Service Officer attends.

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