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  • Will I be alerted when the provider is on their way to me?

    Yes – you will be able to refresh the status screen in the app to see the update. You'll need to be with the vehicle when the Service Officer arrives and we recommend that you remain with the vehicle until they're with you.
  • How will using the AA Roadservice mobile app benefit me?

    The iPhone app gives you the ability to immediately book a roadside breakdown callout without delay, watch the status of the callout update as it is assigned to a service provider, and send comments back to the service provider while you wait for them.
  • If I have an iPhone 3 could I get some of the features and not others?

    No you can’t unfortunately.
  • How big is the app?

    The iPhone version is approximately 11Mb and the Android version is approximately 4MB.

  • Can the same Membership be set up on a number of phones?

    Yes, though only one roadside breakdown callout at a time per Member can be logged.
  • Is there a limit to the updates I can send in for my callout?

    There is no limit on the updates you can supply through the app.

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