The magical Whenuakura Donut Island. © The Coromandel

Discover the hidden lagoon on sacred Donut Island


Visit Whenuakura Wildlife Sanctuary or Donut Island – a sacred spot with a hidden lagoon just off the coast of Whangamatā. 

600 metres off the Coromandel coast, Donut Island is a spiritual place for local Iwi and many Whangamatā locals. You can get to the island by kayak or SUP, but the environment is fragile and the journey potentially perilous in the wrong conditions, so do it right and go with a certified local guide.  

Arriving at Donut Island you will pass through a narrow rock archway to reach the remarkable secluded lagoon in the island’s centre.

Whenuakura is rich in Māori history and is privately owned by local Iwi, who act as kaitiaki, or guardians of the island.

As sea conditions can be unpredictable and swells sometimes make the narrow entrance quite dangerous, you’ll need moderate fitness and water confidence to make the journey to Donut Island.

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