Bridge to Nowhere: stunning walking in the Whanganui National Park

Walk or bike the Kaiwhakauka Track or navigate the Whanganui River to the Mangapūrua Landing then take a gentle 40-minute...

The mysterious Bridge to Nowhere. © Tourism New Zealand

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Forgotten World Highway: a rugged, beautiful drive

Doesn’t that just sound utterly attractive to the intrepid adventurer? Anything ‘forgotten’ demands immediate exploration.

Balloons over Waikato: a showcase of splendour and colour

They get to the point in this part of the world, but the simple factual accuracy of the event name...

Farewell Spit: the longest natural sandbar in the world

When you first spot the spit on a map you just know you have to go there.

Larnach Castle: a vision of past and present

If you missed Larnach Castle on your trip out to wing it with the albatrosses, you must have been glued...

TranzAlpine: one of the best rail journeys in the world

The TranzAlpine is another one of those ‘thanks for being clear’ kinda titles: it’s a train trip that crosses the...

The Goblin Forest: lush and fantastical forest

There be goblins, apparently. Truly? Well, not exactly...

Hamilton Gardens: beautifully curated spaces inspired by the world

You know you’re fully immersed in the whole travel thing when you find yourself spinning around in utter disbelief, asking,...

Cape Rēinga: where two oceans meet

It’s like a lightning rod for all that is exciting about this wild country.

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