Tudor Gardens, Hamilton Gardens. © Steve Clancy Photography

Hamilton Gardens: beautifully curated spaces inspired by the world


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You know you’re fully immersed in the whole travel thing when you find yourself spinning around in utter disbelief, asking, ‘Where am I, again?’

Such is the case with the exquisite Hamilton Gardens, sited just a pebble’s throw from the centre of Hamilton proper.

The horticulturally inclined will be delighted that there are acres and acres and species upon species of plants; landscapers will revel in the far-sighted and enthralling design of the green spaces.

Bridges and paths weave amongst surroundings so splendid you will be convinced you are on a country estate rather than anywhere near a state highway.

Melding with the splendour is a humorous touch of the almost irreverent: the gardens contain a botanical soup of English kitchen gardens, a Victorian flower garden and an Italian Renaissance garden, to name but a few, making this an educational, absorbing and continually surprising ramble.

The ability to stroll along the edges of the mighty Waikato River is the icing on the cake; it also ensures that, with the rest of the ever-changing attractions here, you’ll have a great time here whatever the season. She’s a beauty!

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