Get outside: five free things to do in Rotorua

“Remember our austerity programme,” my husband Sam says when we arrive in Rotorua, “We can’t do anything that costs money.” 

Rotorua's Government Gardens © Liz Light

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Loved by the locals: West Auckland

Titirangi Village Market is famous for its range of crafts.

Get outside: Five picks for a weekend in Rotorua

Join Canopy Tours, a series of ziplines through the Mamaku Forest, where you’ll whiz off platforms – some more than...

Get outside: four fun things to do in Whanganui

Tunnels and towers have a special fascination, and Whanganui has both. They are joined together by a historic elevator.

Get outside: Five picks for a weekend in Takapuna

A short drive across Auckland’s harbour bridge leads to an iconic beach, great cafés and, in summer, water-based activities in...

Get outside: Five picks for a weekend in Whakatane

Whakatane is a busy, attractive, riverside town and, nearby, Ohope has a sublime beach 

Top attractions in Hamilton and Waikato

The Hamilton and Waikato region is well known for its nature-based tourism, underground wonders, Middle-Earth movie sets and iconic Waikato River.

Loved by the locals: Central Hawke's Bay

Visit Oruawharo in Takapau for high tea and a tour of the sprawling 150 year-old homestead.

Loved by the locals: Waiheke Island

Whakanewha Regional Park in Rocky Bay, aka Omiha, provides a respite from busy tour buses and summer heat.

Small town treasure: Waipu

Waipu, just an hour and a half north of Auckland, is a small town steeped in Scottish heritage.

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