Take a trip back in time at Burkes Pass

Burkes Pass is a tiny heritage village in Canterbury’s Mackenzie Region, with a whole heap of character.

Go back in time in Ōamaru's Victorian Precinct

Visiting Ōamaru is like stepping back in time.

Find archaeological relics at the Buried Village

Discover New Zealand’s most famous archaeological site at the Buried Village in Rotorua.

Arrowtown Chinese Settlement: multi-cultural heritage

In Arrowtown, you can immerse yourself in goldrush heritage that dates back to the mid-19th century.

Take an off-road adventure to an abandoned gold-mining town

Head off road to find the abandoned gold-mining town of Macetown.

Browse one of the world’s largest automotive museums in Invercargill

In Invercargill, you can visit the biggest private automotive museum of its type in the world.

Cruise the Whanganui River on a heritage vessel

Take a leisurely trip up the Whanganui River on one of two historic boat cruises.

Experience historic tunnels and towers in Whanganui

Tunnels and towers are fascinating. Whanganui has both, and even better, they are joined together by a historic elevator.

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