AA Motorhome Plus

Head for the great New Zealand outdoors and be safe in the knowledge that we'll be there to help when you add AA Motorhome Plus to your Membership.

Visit an AA Centre Or call 0800 500 444

Membership benefits

AA Motorhome Plus costs $75 extra per year

  • Free vehicle towing

If you breakdown more than 100km from home:

  • Rental car and emergency accommodation options
  • Transport home if needed
  • Medical assistance
  • Help with shattered windscreen


No matter where you are in New Zealand, you can call the AA for roadside assistance while using your nominated motorhome.

This means free towing wherever you break down.

If that breakdown is more than 100km from home, AA Motorhome Plus also provides:

  • Rental car and/or emergency accommodation options for up to three days (combined value of vehicle rental and accommodation are to a maximum of $120 per day)
  • Transport home if required
  • Fuel delivery
  • Help with a shattered windscreen
  • Medical assistance
  • Emergency travel assistance

We'll even keep in contact with family and friends if you can't.

Each AA Motorhome Plus claim is to a maximum of $1500 (incl. GST) with an overall maximum annual subscription claim of $1500 (incl. GST).

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