Learn to drive the AA way

Learning to drive is a journey with a lot of different skills that take time to master.

When you choose the AA Driving School, we make sure you don’t get stuck: you'll get the expert instruction, helpful guidance and accurate information you need.

The Journey

Use our roadmap to see how we can help you


Where do I start?

If you’re just starting the journey, it’s good to understand the whole process so you can make smart choices – like practising for your theory test or signing up for a driving lesson.

Getting started

If you or the learner driver in your family is an absolute beginner, start here.  Our Learn to drive the AA way roadmap provides parents and new drivers all the information and support they need to navigate the journey to becoming a safe, confident and fully licensed driver. With the AA Driving School as your learn-to-drive partner, you will find plenty of resources to help you at any stage.

  1. Fast tracking your journey
  2. Why choose the AA Driving School
  3. The AA Driving School car
  4. Road code quiz
  5. Road Code Practice Tests

Get started with an AA Youth Membership

For 50% off the standard AA Membership rate, you'll enjoy all the benefits of being a Member, including three free driving lessons, discounted EVENT movie tickets and much more.

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Getting your learner licence

Facts, tips, practise tests and other useful stuff to help you get your learner licence. You can access useful resources and find out about any AA special offers.

Get more details on the process

The first stage on the journey to a full driver licence is to pass a road code theory test. We can help with everything you need to pass your learners: including study tips, free online quizzes and AA Road Code Practice Tests.

  1. Getting your learners - how it works
  2. Road code quiz
  3. AA Ignition: 3 free driving lessons for learner drivers
  4. Our recommendations
  5. Road Code Practice Tests

Three free driving lessons with an AA driving instructor.

It's an ideal start to your learn-to-drive journey, making it easier, safer and more affordable for you to become a great driver.

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Getting your restricted licence

Information, ideas and good advice to smooth the way to your restricted licence, including how an AA Defensive Driving Course can make you a safer driver and get you closer to your final test .

Get more details on the process

Once you have a learner licence, it’s time to build your practical driving skills. We recommend at least 5 lessons with a professional driving instructor and loads of practice with a supervisor between every lesson. To give you a great start, the AA Ignition programme offers 3 free driving lessons. You need to book your first one within two months of getting your learners, so don’t delay. 

  1. Getting your restricted - how it works
  2. Pass rates
  3. Driving lessons
  4. Defensive driving courses
  5. Practical driving test
  6. Our recommendations
  7. Learning to drive checklists

Want to get your full licence quicker?

Attend a Defensive Driving Course and reduce the time you spend on your restricted licence by 6 months

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Getting your full licence

A complete guide to achieving your full licence, including what you can and can’t do on a restricted licence and preparing for your test.

Getting your full licence

Now you can start preparing for your full licence. It is essential to get as much practice as you can. It’s a good idea to take your supervisor along when you start driving in higher risk conditions, like dirt roads and fast-moving heavy traffic. 

  1. Getting your full licence - how it works
  2. Pass rates
  3. Driving lessons
  4. Defensive driving courses
  5. Practical driving test
  6. Our recommendations
  7. Test day checklists

Are you ready to sit your full licence driving test?

Take a refresher driving lesson with an AA driving instructor to fine tune your skills no matter how long you have been driving.

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For experienced drivers

Learning to drive doesn’t stop with your full licence. You can add to your on-road skills, get another type of licence or even make driving your profession.

For experienced drivers

With your full licence safely in your wallet, you’re ready to embrace all the possibilities of the on-road world. That could mean road trips, driving overseas, getting another class of licence, training as a driving instructor or even becoming a competitive driver by joining a car club.

  1. Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers
  2. Driving assessments
  3. Get more from the AA
  4. Our recommendations
  5. Guide to safe driving

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