AA Plus

You'll receive a range of extra benefits that will minimise the expense and disruption if you’re away from home when your car suffers a major breakdown.

$49 extra per year

$24.50 extra if your spouse or partner living with you already has AA Plus

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Emergency rental car or accommodation

We'll get you a rental car and/or a place to stay for up to three days if you're more than 100km from home and the repairs will take more than a day.

Free towing

We'll get your disabled vehicle (plus any boat, caravan or trailer you were towing) home or to the nearest repairer.

Lost keys

Keys get lost - it happens! If you need help from a locksmith, AA Plus will contribute $150 towards the labour costs.

Help with a shattered windscreen

If your windscreen shatters while you're on the road we can usually arrange someone to come to you if the vehicle can't be driven.  You'll need to pay for the repair though.

Help getting home

If you prefer, we can arrange ground transport home (e.g. bus or train) for you and those travelling with you.

Medical assistance

We have access to medical staff to help and offer advice.

We can also refer you to a local doctor, dentist, chemist or hospital and arrange transfer of your medical records in case something happens far from home.

Updating family and friends

If for any reason you're unable to let your family and friends know what's happening, we'll get in touch with them for you and keep them informed.

Each AA Plus claim is to a maximum of $800 (incl. GST) with an overall maximum annual subscription claim of $1,500 (incl. GST).

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