AA Business Care

We cover the vehicle rather than the driver.

This means that no matter who is driving your company car or fleet vehicle, they can call for AA Roadservice.

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There are three categories of AA Business Care, depending on the weight of your company vehicle.  AA Business Care covers company cars, light commercial vans and heavy duty trucks.

Company car and light commercial van cover

The driver of your nominated vehicles will receive:

  • Unlimited callouts
  • Road side mechanical failure assistance
  • Tow to nearest place of repair or safety if we can't fix the problem at the roadside
  • Non-mechanical failure assistance for lost keys or lockouts, flat tyres and flat/faulty batteries

In 90% of cases, we're able to fix the problem on the spot. If we can't get your car mobile, we'll tow it to a place of safety or repair.

Heavy duty truck repair assistance

Designed specifically for heavy duty trucks, this cover includes:

  • Dispatch of roadside repairer
  • Heavy duty haulage
  • Assistance with facilitation of goods transfer
  • Payment facilitation

Upgrades and optional extras

PlusOne charge card

If you add an optional PlusOne charge card to your account, this gives you:

  • Fuel discounts
  • Special discounts from participating retailers
  • 50 days interest-free purchase power

AA Business Care Premium

Upgrade to AA Business Care Premium and you'll receive:

  • Rental car (for up to three days)
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Towing to the repairer of your choice

Our Business Services Call Centre ensures your employees or customers can get help at any time. We have an electronic mapping system to pinpoint the vehicle's location and fully trained, very experienced specialists in our AA Roadservice vehicles.


Type Passenger
0-2500Kg GLW
Light Commercial
2500-5000Kg GLW
Heavy Duty
5000-22,000Kg GLW
Standard pricing per vehicle p.a. $62 $82  
Premium pricing per vehicle p.a. $154 $205  
Facilitation only  per vehicle p.a.     $31

All job costs are on-charged and all costs are GST inclusive.  If you choose to upgrade your cover to include a fuel card, this incurs a card fee of $3.50 per card per month and 20c per transaction fee. These rates are GST exclusive.

The value added benefits add up

Your investment in AA for your business will pay for itself.

Running costs for a 2000cc vehicle

Cost Units/litres Annual cost Discount Value
Litres used over 14,000km 1183.6 $2,052.43 3.5 cents/litre 91 $41.43
Service & Repair 2 per year $478 Member price $50
Warrant of fitness 2 per year $86 $5 $10
Tyres 2 $250 12.5% $31.25
AA Battery - fitted 1 in 2 years $55.50 Member price $7.50
Standard Roadservice value Maximum cover     $400
Total value       $540.18


Investment Units/litres Annual cost Discount Value
AA Business Care       $99.00
Transaction fee 58 $0.20   $11.60
Total cost       $110.60

Total saved: $419.58 a year

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