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To be eligible for our AA Ignition offer, you need to:

  • Hold a learner licence that was issued within the last two months
  • Be an AA Member (including Youth and Associate Membership) or have a family member who is an AA Member - this could be your parent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or grandparent
  • Have a valid email address - we need this to send your vouchers and contact you about your lessons 

Three free driving lessons with an AA driving instructor!

Please note: There is a daily limit for free driving lessons.

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You're eligible for three free driving lessons!

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You can join the AA to receive the free driving lesson benefit.*

Learner drivers aged 16 and 17 can join at 50% off the standard AA Membership rate.

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*Free driving lesson available to those who have received their learner driver licence in the last two months and live in areas where free driving lessons are available.


Learner drivers aged 16 and 17 can join AA at 50% off the standard AA Membership rate and receive the free driving lessons benefit

What's in each lesson

Your first free driving lesson will start and finish at your nearest AA Centre, so that maximum time can be spent with getting you started on your learn-to-drive journey. Arrangements for future lessons can be discussed directly with your instructor.

You’ll learn in a modern dual-controlled car and your progress will be recorded on a Key Driving Skills Card, which helps us to make every lesson appropriate for your skill level.

Each driving lesson will be about an hour long. Lessons are tailored to your experience and skill levels, but here’s a general guide to what you can expect each time:



  • Initial driver set up, including seat, mirrors, seatbelt and blind spots
  • Instruments, gauges and vehicle controls
  • Basic intersection types
  • Getting to know the words associated with learning to drive, such as gears, moving off, stopping and steering

After Lesson 1

Where: In a very low volume traffic area or empty car park

After Lesson 1, carefully practice:

  • Pre-driving vehicle safety checks 
  • Moving off from the kerb and returning to the kerb
  • Stopping and starting
  • Mirror use, indicating and blind spot checks
  • Smooth operation of pedals and steering practice
  • Correct hand position, looking where you want to go and where you need to be


Intermediate driving skills

  • Vehicle control, including hill starts and sharing the road
  • Intersection types
  • Awareness with mirrors and blind spots
  • Basic manoeuvres, including reversing and U-turns

After Lesson 2

Where: In a low to medium volume traffic area

After Lesson 2, carefully practice:

  • Pre-driving vehicle safety checks
  • Safety in and out of basic intersections (controlled and uncontrolled)
  • Traffic observation using mirrors, indicating and blind spot checks
  • Observing the 2, 4, and 12 second rules
  • Getting comfortable driving at posted speed (or the conditions), gap selection and lane positioning all with safety cushion
  • Reversing straight
  • Practice all manoeuvres until they become natural actions


Advanced driving skills

  • Vehicle interaction, including lane changes and merging, passing and being passed
  • Higher speed zones
  • Risk reduction
  • Advanced manoeuvres, including three-point turns

After Lesson 3

Where: In a medium volume traffic area

After Lesson 3, carefully practice:

  • Pre-driving vehicle safety checks
  • Use a variety of different areas and routes
  • Turning right at different and complex intersections and multi-lane roads
  • Merging/highway entry and exit
  • Hazard perception/responses to reduce risk (download these)
  • Watching all road signs and markings for good decision making
  • More complex manoeuvres, e.g. parallel parking/three-point turns/angle parking

What to bring to your lessons

  1. Your AA Ignition voucher
    This will be emailed to you
  2. Learner driver licence
    You can't do any driving without this
  3. Corrective eye wear (glasses or contact lenses)
    If they're required as a condition of your learner licence
  4. Appropriate footwear (no jandals)
  5. AA Ignition progress booklet
    This will be provided at your first lesson

What happens next

As soon as you sign up for AA Ignition we’ll email you a printable voucher (valid for 60 days) for your first lesson. You’re ready to roll! An AA driving instructor will contact you to book your lesson. You will receive your next voucher after your first lesson and your final voucher after your second lesson.

If you can’t make it to a scheduled lesson, please let your instructor know at least one full day beforehand or call us on 0800 223 199. Your instructor will re-book you at an agreed date and time.

After taking your three free lessons, we recommend another two or three paid lessons to lock in your learning and increase your confidence on the road. These extra lessons will also increase your chances of passing your restricted test first time.

Defensive driving course (DDC)

After you've gained driving experience with AA Ignition, you can build on that by progressing to a defensive driving course.

An AA Defensive Driving Course consists of four two-hour classroom sessions and a one-hour drive with a tutor. As well as reducing the time you have to wait before getting your full licence, it helps to make you a safer, more skilled driver.

More about the defensive driving course

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