New Zealand driver licences

We can help with all your driver licensing needs.

The AA is contracted to the NZ Transport Agency to provide driver licensing products and services in New Zealand. We can also help you apply for an International Driver Permit if you need to drive overseas.

Learner driver licences

The learner driver licence is the first of three steps in the driver licensing system. Find out how you can apply for your learner licence through the AA.

Restricted driver licences

The restricted driver licence is the second of three steps in the driver licensing system. Learn how to apply for your restricted licence through the AA.

Full driver licences

The full driver licence is the third of three steps in the driver licensing system. Find out how to apply for your full driver licence through the AA.

Renewing or replacing your licence

If your driver licence is lost or stolen, organise a replacement through the AA. Or if your licence is up for renewal, the AA can help you with that too.

Driving permits for driving overseas

Need to drive while overseas? International Driving Permits are internationally recognised and allow you to drive overseas. Get yours online from the AA.

Overseas licence conversions

If you're planning to stay in New Zealand a while, find out how to convert your overseas licence to a New Zealand licence.

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