Train to be a driving instructor

Becoming a driving instructor is more than just a job. It is a profession that provides long term career prospects, unlimited job satisfaction and unrivalled benefits.


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We pride ourselves on delivering high quality training and providing great support every step of the way.

As a driving instructor, you have the freedom to choose your own working hours, be your own boss and develop small business skills. You'll develop skills in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Training, mentoring and coaching
  • Competitive analysis and industry knowledge

Take the next step by teaching our next generation how to be safe, confident and fully licenced drivers on our roads.

Course information

This course can be completed in either Auckland or Wellington.

Approved by the NZ Transport Agency, the "I" Endorsement Driving Instructor Training Course from the AA is based on 8 NZQA unit standards at level 5 and includes:

  • Pre-course Driving Assessment required. $100 incl. GST
  • Pre-course reading (essential for your success)
  • In-class theory-based training and assessments
  • Demonstrations and practical in-vehicle coaching techniques
  • Practical appraisals of your tuition and assessment skills

Once you've successfully passed this course, you’ll be able to apply to get the driving instructor endorsement (called an "I" endorsement) on your driver licence and start work as a driving instructor.

Enrolment requirements

You’ll need to have successfully completed the pre-course Driving Assessment in a manual vehicle with an AA approved tutor. 

You'll need to have held a full New Zealand driver licence for two years or more and be able to drive a vehicle with manual transmission.

Once you've passed the course you'll need to be assessed by NZ Police as a 'fit and proper person' to act as an instructor. The NZ Transport Agency coordinates this vetting process. If you have any concerns about this, you can discuss this with us - or the NZ Transport Agency - prior to enrolling in the course.

If you hold an overseas licence and would like to attend the course, please call NZ Transport Agency on 0800 822 422 to find out further information.

You must be able to drive a manual vehicle to enroll in our course.

Course fee

Your fee of $3,995 + GST covers all aspects of the course, including:

  • Pre-course reading material
  • Tuition
  • Training manuals
  • Road codes
  • Theory test papers
  • New Zealand Drivers' Training Syllabus
  • Mirror and backing board

You'll also need to apply for the "I" endorsement through the NZ Transport Agency when you pass the course. It's an extra cost which includes application and vetting fees. You will need to sit and pass a practical driving test and you may need a medical examination. Other additional costs include the cost of receiving your Fit and Proper assessment by the NZ Police.

To find out more, request more information.

After the course

AA Driving School

You'll have an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand's driver licensing system, road rules and an overview of the legal aspects governing the driver training industry.

Once qualified, you might consider joining our national AA Driving School and become an AA Driving Instructor. Learn about becoming an AA Driving Instructor.

Course dates and times

Auckland two week I-Endorsement course

Course NameMonthDatesTimeEnrolment cut-off date
A-Jan-18 January 15 - 26 Jan 7am - 4pm 15 December
A-Feb-18 February 12 - 23 Feb 7am - 4pm 12 January
A-Mar-18 March 12 - 23 March 7am - 4pm 12 February
A-Apr-18 April 9 - 20 April 7am - 4pm 9 March
A-May-18 May 14 - 25 May 7am - 4pm 14 April
A-Jun-18 June 18 - 29 June 7am - 4pm 18 May
A-Jul-18 July 16 - 27 July 7am - 4pm 16 June
A-Aug-18 August 20 - 31 Aug 7am - 4pm 20 July
A-Sep-18 September 17 - 28 Sept 7am - 4pm 17 August
A-Oct-18 October 8 - 19 Oct 7am - 4pm 8 September
A-Nov-18 November 19 - 30 Nov 7am - 4pm 19 October
A-Dec-18 December 10 - 21 Dec 7am - 4pm 10 November

Wellington two week I-Endorsement course

Course NameMonthDatesTimeEnrolment cut-off date
W-Feb-18 February 5 - 16 Feb 8.30am-5pm 5 January
W-Apr-18 April 2 - 13 April 8.30am-5pm 2 March
W-Jun-18 June 4 - 15 June 8.30am-5pm 4 May
W-Aug-18 August 30 July - 10 Aug 8.30am-5pm 30 June
W-Oct-18 October 15 - 26 Oct 8.30am-5pm 15 September
W-Dec-18 December 3 - 14 Dec 8.30am-5pm 3 November

PLEASE NOTE: Enrolment close-off dates are strict as there is a minimum of 4 weeks required to complete the pre-coursework.

Course cancellation

Please be advised that there are changes to the refund rules in the event of cancelling your place on the I-Endorsement course.

The tables below set out the refund rules in the event of cancellation: 

Cancellation date Refund
Two weeks before cut-off date Full refund
One week before cut-off date 50% refund


Cancellations - after course cut-off date 
Course Type Cancellation Fee
All courses Non refundable


Changes - Transfer of course three weeks before cut-off date 
Course Type Administration Fee 
2 Week Course $200.00