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30 November 2017

Lake Road residents ready to consider paying more to ease congestion

AA Members on the Devonport Peninsula might be ready to green-light targeted rates to see the constant congestion along Lake Road improved. That’s the sentiment from a recent AA survey of 800 Devonpor... Read more

FB congestion 5

28 September 2017

Kiwis would rather have their boss in the car than in-laws

There are much worse fates than being stuck in traffic with your boss, Kiwi drivers say. The AA recently tried to bring some humour to the subject of congestion by asking through Facebook whether peop... Read more

FB congestion poll wasp vs boss in car

28 September 2017

Kiwis would rather have their boss in the car than in-laws

The preferred choice turned out to be the boss while the wasp was hands-down regarded as the worst companion, followed by hungry kids. AA spokesman Barney Irvine says the question was part of a poll d... Read more

22 August 2017

10,000 in 10 years: the AA calls for park and ride step-change in Auckland

This follows a survey of 1,000 AA Members who commute to the CBD and who live close to stations on the rail network or the Northern Busway.  AA spokesman Barney Irvine says the survey underlined just ... Read more

4 August 2017

New Auckland transport package a welcome prospect

Though details are yet to be revealed, the Government has indicated a multi-billion dollar package to increase funding to a range of major projects across the city over the next decade, and to help br... Read more

15 December 2016

Commitment to Kaikoura coastal route provides certainty

The AA welcomes the Government’s commitment to reinstating the coastal route to Kaikoura. Transport Minister Simon Bridges today announced that the existing State Highway 1 and rail corridor to the no... Read more

8 December 2016

Puhoi to Warkworth a vital step forward for Northland

The AA is delighted that construction is officially underway on the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway extension – a project which will deliver huge benefits for Northland by improving travel times and allev... Read more

2 December 2016

New transport funding tools for Auckland - look before you leap

Auckland AA Members are ready to consider new ways to pay for the city’s transport infrastructure, but the most straightforward – and popular – tool may be one the Council already has at hand. That’s ... Read more

16 September 2016

Auckland transport strategy has the tick - just do it

The AA says that yesterday’s release of the final report of the Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) is a major milestone in Auckland transport planning, and is calling on the Government and Au... Read more

3 August 2016

Proceed with caution on congestion charging - AA Members

Auckland AA Members are open to the idea of congestion charging, but they are not yet ready to sign up to it. That’s the main finding of a new survey of Auckland AA Members, released following recent ... Read more

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