AA Auto Centre franchises

Become an AA Auto Centre franchisee and you’ll receive great benefits.

You'll be part of a leading brand, recognised for reliability, honesty and professionalism. You'll be reaching AA Members - and the general public - who typically use the franchise closest to their home or work.


When you become an AA Auto Centre  franchisee, you'll receive these great benefits:

  • Comprehensive franchise program
  • National marketing program
  • Marketing support
  • Management & operational support
  • Buying
  • AA products and services
  • Website
  • The AA Motoring brand
  • Technical support
  • AA referrals
  • AA Smartfuel Partnership

Getting work as a franchisee

Bookings can be made directly with the franchisee through an 0800 number or the AA website. Where possible, referral work from the AA's technical and breakdown staff is given directly to AA Auto Centres.

Franchise standards

As the premier service and repair provider in the market, we offer quality at a fair price.  Customers and AA Members expect a high standard of service. The AA's franchise model operates with the core values of independence, reliability and integrity.

As part of a franchise, you'll need to maintain consistent retail and operating standards. No matter where you are located, your franchise represents the standard of franchises around the country. The elected Franchise Council members monitors marketing spend and will make recommendations on all aspects of the franchise system including marketing and pricing.

We use only approved brands to maintain customer satisfaction. It maintains a consistency of supply and quality within the network. It also allows the network to guarantee workmanship and parts. We have strong relationships with key suppliers such as Repco, BNT, ELF, and Castrol Oil NZ. 

How to apply

Send your expression of interest to AA Auto Centre National Manager Ltd, PO Box 5, Auckland 1010. Include your experience in the auto service and repair market, the location you would like to be considered for, the premises (if you already have a building) and why you are interested in the franchise opportunity.

If we're keen to consider you as a franchisee, we'll send you an application form to complete.

Franchise assessment

When assessing a potential franchise site, we look at the location, traffic and area, parking, property size and facilities.

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