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We produce several publications including the Annual Report, Association Profile & the AA Member magazine, AA Directions. You can download or view them online.

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Annual Reports

The Annual Report reviews the AA’s achievements and provides information on the financial performance and financial position of the Association.

Annual Report 2015/2016

Annual Report 2014/2015

Annual Report 2013/2014

Annual Report 2012/2013

Annual Report 2011/2012

Annual Report 2010/2011

Annual Report 2009/2010

Annual Report 2008/2009

Annual Report 2007/2008

Annual Report 2006/2007

Association Profile 2015 coverAssociation Profile

The Association Profile provides information on AA services, including motoring, tourism, insurance, advocacy and membership.

It also includes details on AA governance, the brand, AA Members and customers, technology and innovation, products and the numerous AA channels and locations.

Download the Association Profile

AA Directions magazineAA Directions magazine

AA Directions celebrates Kiwi culture. From great places to inspiring people, the magazine explores New Zealand and showcases it in a range of visually stunning and brightly written features. There is plenty of valuable information relevant to motorists and travel is a big part of the AA too, so this is given ample space - with road trips, features on destinations and holiday ideas. Specials, products and services for AA Members feature in the regular MyAA section.

AA Directions is published three times a year and is sent to Members as part of their AA Membership. The AA Directions website includes content from the magazine, as well as interactive web-only elements.

What Our Members Think coverWhat Our Members Think

Every year the AA surveys random samples of our Members to find out what they think on a range of transport issues. This publication summarises the results of 27 surveys conducted in recent years, giving a snapshot of AA Members’ views on their cars, alternative transport, congestion, safety, fuel, parking, the environment and more.

What Our Members Think – AA Member Surveys, March 2017

2017 AA Election Calls FRONT COVER2017 Election Calls

With the 2017 NZ General Election approaching in September, the AA is calling on all political parties to commit to 10 actions to improve the safety and efficiency of New Zealand’s roads over the coming three years.

  1. Seatbelts – reduce lives lost from people not wearing seatbelts.
  2. Drink drivers – expand the alcohol interlock initiative to reduce drink driving.
  3. Drugged drivers – give police the technology to test and catch drugged drivers.
  4. Safe passing – create more safe passing opportunities.
  5. Regional road improvements – lift the safety standards of regional roads.
  6. Visiting drivers – extend initiatives nationally to help visiting drivers to be safer.
  7. Red light cameras – install more red light cameras at key intersections nationwide.
  8. Congestion – establish a congestion reduction taskforce.
  9. Vehicle safety – require motor vehicle traders and rental companies to display vehicle safety ratings.
  10. Fuel prices – require service stations to display all fuel prices on price boards.


Read the AA’s 2017 Election Calls

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