Research programmes are the primary structure by which the AA Research Foundation manages research.

A programme is a series of research projects designed to lead toward a change of practice or policy.

Each programme is overseen by an expert steering committee composed of representatives from the organisations who would implement the outcomes of the research.

The role of the Steering Committee is to determine what research is needed, and approve the scientific content of research projects. Funding approval and management is managed via the Governance structure.

Each Steering Committee also has an AA Research Foundation Staff Member to provide secretariate and executive functions.

Five-star Ecosafe Drivers

The AA Research Foundation’s five-star driver programme investigates methods for improving driver performance in terms of fuel-economy and safety.

Driver Risk Awareness

This research by the AA Research Foundation is intended to examine the differences between objective and perceived risk and ways of reducing those differences.

Inattention, Distraction and Fatigue

This programme of research by the AA Research Foundation attempts to understand the scale of the driver inattention problem and find practical solutions.

Driver impairment

Information about AA Research Programme on Driver Impairment

Youth Traffic Offences

AARF Research programme into the questions: Is traffic offending a leading path into the criminal justice system for young New Zealanders? - Are there more effective interventions than standard penalties at reducing reoffending and improving road safety outcomes?

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